10 April 2016

The 10th Piano Festival of the Gooische Music School

For quite some time, discussions have been underway between our foundation and the Music School concerning the 10th Piano Festival. Each year the music school organizes such a festival to give talented pupils a chance to present themselves to a larger audience. The enthusiasm of pupils and parents makes it clear that this festival is of great value for music education.

The tenth anniversary therefore had to become something special. A sixty pianist had enrolled and the theme was ‘ interplay ‘. Playing together is an extra challenge for pianists and there is a hard study. With the result that beautiful pieces were played by four hands or sometimes eight hands at once!

For this occasion our foundation had put two Bösendorfer wings in the theatre Hall of the Arsenal in Naarden. To present the day we had invited Aukelien of Hoytema. She is a former radio host with a great knowledge of classical music.

It was a day with a golden lining. Both pupils and audience and teachers went home with a happy and satisfied feeling.