The Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation

The Chair speaks

The idea for this foundation was conceived a long time ago, after the death of my husband Robert Bruinsma. The idea was to help young people on their way, to provide them with good opportunities, to let them develop their talents and their sense of music, and also to help them make their own music.
In short: On their way to make these dreams come true!

Now the time has come.

It has become a foundation that will particularly provide financial and practical support to young musical talent, in particular piano students.
This is thanks to my interrelatedness with classical music and in particular the piano as a child, my parents took me to the Matthäus Passion in the Great Church in Naarden Vesting.

My husband Robert had less of a background in this field, but he was very receptive to this “new thing” in his life. He liked to listen to all the music I suggested to him.

The foundation has now been incorporated and we can make a start. The board consists of two enthusiastic and competent people who are also good friends and myself. I count myself very lucky that these people want to go along with me, think along with me and advise me in this project!

We have many plans, but first we will make a start with renovating and adjusting the former Andreas Church in Naarden Vesting. That will be our base in the future. Our own place where young, talented pianists can come to play music, perform for an audience and practice with friends. Other talents in cultural areas will also be welcome here.

Once the work on the Andreas Church has been finished, my first dream will have come true.

Meanwhile we want to make contacts with music schools, conservatories and other cultural institutions. This is to find out what talent will need our support and in what way we will provide that support.

Music connects people. Our foundation connects people.

Chasing your dream!

Do not hesitate but start!

Dare to stick your neck out!

Tenacious and concentrated.

Your ideas are certainly more than welcome.

These are the words of Hankie Bruinsma-Verbrugh,
founder and chairman until her death on October 23, 2023.