Public Benefit Organisation

PBO status Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation.

Since 17 September 2015, the tax authorities have granted the Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation the ‘cultural POB’ status. An institution or foundation can only be a POB – Public Benefit Organisation – if it is at least 90 percent committed to public benefit. PBOs can make use of certain tax benefits for bequests, donations and gifts.

Donors of cultural PBOs enjoy a tax benefit because an additional deduction for gifts applies to them. Private individuals may deduct 1.25 times the gift amount in their income tax return. Companies subject to corporation tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in their corporation tax return. (Source: Tax Authorities)

Contact details

Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation
Turfpoortstraat 29
1411 ED Naarden The Netherlands

RSIN Number (Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number) 855539240

If you would like to donate to our foundation, you can do so via the donations page or directly by bank transfer to account number NL98ABNA0452970075. We would like to thank donors for their donation!
Would you like to commit for at least five years with an annual donation, please contact our treasurer for a periodic donation agreement. Please visit our contact page


  • Supporting musicians in their career and offering them a stage.
  • Supporting the musical projects of music schools and conservatories.
  • Supporting general cultural projects.
  • Performing any further actions relating to the above or conducive to it in the broadest sense of the word.

Board composition

Mevrouw J. Bruinsma Verbrugh – Chair
De Heer J.F. Haverkort – Treasurer
De Heer G.A. Witzel – General Consultant

Remuneration Policy

The board members receive no remuneration for their work. They are, however, entitled to the reimbursement of costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.


As a result of a large donation from the inheritance of its name giver, the Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation was able to finance the initial investments as well as the budgeted activities in the years of commencement. In time, the Foundation will also try to obtain income from third parties in order to finance its activities by means of fund raising. This will require donations from visitors to its events, sponsors and donations, and gifts from friends of the Foundation.

The Foundation will publish its policy plan and the financial report on its website every year:

Click here to view the annual reports.

In accordance with its Articles of Association, the Foundation will not hold more capital than is reasonably required for the work and activities of the Foundation. Any surpluses will be used in accordance with the Foundation’s goals.

On termination of its activities or on the dissolution of the Foundation, any credit balance, in accordance with its Articles of Association, will be earmarked for the benefit of a public benefit organization (PBO) recognized for tax purposes or a foreign public benefit organization, whose goal is as similar as possible to the goal of the Foundation. Bruinsma Foundation.